Sunday, February 21, 2010


 Specially for mummylove,

kisses and hugs specially for you, EVERYDAY. 


I got loads of words to tell, 
but it's just too hard to describe how much I love you.
As deep as ocean?!
No, but deeper than that.
You're the best I've got,
nothing that can beat you down
cause you're the one and only.
I just can't imagine how would I do 
if I don't have you to be with me all this time.

Sometimes I mumbles, 
cause I'm jealous
whenever you treat the brothers better.
But I know, 
you gave all the best.
You buy everything that I asked for,
(not like everything but most of 'em)
I truly appreciate,
but I'm just shy to tell.
I hope you could feel that,
cause we're connected.
Not by wires, modems or lines, but the relationship.
None can deny, cause it's special. =)

I love you, 
as big as the sky.
No one can be more special than that.
Maybe you will says that you can't be 
more important than my future boyfriend/husband next time,
but YES you are.
More important than that!!
I may let 'him' down for some incident, but not you.
I may leave 'him' for something, but not you.
Cause I love you as much as how you love me.

Happy birthday. =)

Thou art lovable, je'taime.