Saturday, February 27, 2010

emo sia

yesterday, i enjoyed a lot. cause we get to go to genting highland (suggested by me, day before we went) and surprisingly... Beh went also. although we only chilled a few hours there, but i still enjoy a lot. until....

i went home to bath and while i take off the contact lens and i actually forgotten that i took it off and put it into the container and then i forgot to cover it up and i just rinse the container and one side of the lens gone!!!
the contact lens cost me 65. and i can use it at least 6-9 months. so it means that it only cost 9-10 bucks a month ONLY!! and now, this is only the second month and i rinse it and it just flow with the water and shiuuhhhhhh~ GONE!!!!

fml duhh ><

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