Sunday, February 28, 2010

the last day of FEBRUARY

GOSH!! then it will be march soon!! time passes  bloody fast.
plus, today is chap goh mei.
there's moon, there's a lake somewhere near and i even have the mandarin orange.
but i don't need a man!! xD
so.. chap goh mei is like nothing to me.
then it's the last day of the lunar new year,
and i'm not gonna get more ang paus,
and i'm totally lack of vitamin M!!dammit!!

ohh.. and before i forget, HAPY BIRTHDAY NUFFNANG!! <3

and then, tomorrow is monday. it means back to school/ college again.
i really don't like it, but... what can i do?
PLUS, there's a presentation tomorrow.
fulamak~ i really feel like dying.
i summarized, but i can't even remember a single point that i summarized.
my brain is like.... damn bloody full after the SPM
and i still haven't clear the dusted memories in the brain
so that i can fill in new things.

then.. now i'm bloody sleepy, but i can't sleep.
cause i have not memorize i single thing.
and for sure i won't memorize tomorrow morning,
and i could not get up that early.

to refresh my mind, i chose to blog,
so yea.. i'm blogging and you see me got new updates!!
now, i'm off to deal with the mareva injunction thing!!

Mareva Compania Naviera SA v International Bulkcarriers SA. you're such a nightmare!!

and.. we have assessment on the MARCH!!!

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