Friday, March 5, 2010

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 1

As a Nuffnangers, all of us should have know what is Project Alpha.
God forsaken, the Project Alpha season2 is coming up soon on April 19, 2010. For you who read my blog, you should know that I never wanted time to pass so fast, cause I'll be 18 soon on the May, but I just can't wait for April to come!! Cause you know what? Cheesie is one of the 7 bloggers who'll be featured on the Project Alpha Season2!! YAY!!

Cilck HERE. To view Project Alpha's facebook page for more info. And the official webpage:

Well, for those who do not know about Project Alpha, I will just do a short intro about it.
Project Alpha is the first online TV show Uncovering Malaysia's Top Bloggers.
They take a sneak peek into the bloggers lives, who they are, how they live, what they do and what makes them capture the attention and interest of thousands of online readers on a daily basis.
Project Alpha is hosted by the oh-so-gorgeous hostess, Jojo Struys. She's a blogger, a TV host/ emcee, a content creator, a model and a health enthusiast.  

These are the featured bloggers on the Project Alpha season1:

Audrey a.k.a fourfeetnine at

She's small in size, just as small like, four-feet-nine. Timothy Tiah, co-founder of Nuffnang is the boyfriend. Well, big enough to protect the small her. Gym and exercising is definitely not her thing. Shopping is the magic word and her motivation. xD

KennySia at

Kenny Sia is a famous funny blogger. Hewas a nerd. LOL. My first thought when I actually watch the show and know him, I was like.. I think he needs to look for dentist and do a dental braces. sorray~ =X

RedMama at

Totally a RED lover. Shoes, furnitures and friends in RED!! Glad that she has her awesomest friend that is also pecinta MERAH like her. Definitely a cool mummy. <3

Huai Bin at

Was drug addict? Thank God that he actually got a second chance to live, and he always keep it real. In the show, he talks about how he gets into drugs and how is the rehab. Finally, he made up his mind and here we've got Huai Bin. He even shares his 'normal' activities, *SKYDIVING!!*. Plus the process of he gets tatooed. He's a fun guy. =)

Nicolekiss at

Nicolekiss is cool. She's a traveller. How awesome is that job? She shares a lot of her awesome and exciting trips. She's so daring and she even eat bugs. 'CRISPY' she says. LOL+ creepy!! She travels to a lot of countries, but not Africa *Jojo wins her*. And before her interview, the production crew revealed Jojo's bantal busuk. Well, I don't have bantal busuk, but I have selimut busuk. xD

BeautifulNara at and,
Budiey at

The gossipers. I'm still wondering how could they actually gossip and have READERSSS!! I admire a lot. See how they actually plays reverse bungee and Nara chickens out. LOL. And see BeautifulNara is so not a babe but a DUDE!! OMG!!

Just a simple review about the bloggers.

Project Alpha Season 2 is COMING REAL SOON!! 

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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