Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dong Dong Qiang

this is a delayed post.

on the 8th day of CNY, mum hired the lion dance crew again.

stand by-ing.


this 'lion' looks excited.
can't wait for it to start.


the 'lions' fight over the tangerines.

urmm.. some people ask why we put the tangerines like that, 
is that something to do with feng-shui?
but, seriously.. I don't know.
maybe you can ask bryan a.k.a feng-shui master.xD

they actually picked all the tangerines up 
and now they are gonna peel off the tangerines 
one by one, and other fruits in the basket.

they are lying down and peeling the fruits under 
the lion costume. look at the difference between the 
right and left photos on the above.
the 'lion' on the right side goes shorter.
too busy peeling the fruits and this procedure
takes 5 minutes long. LOL


and in that 5 minutes,
i observe them.
and i think they really need to change the shoes. =)


After 5 minutes, like finally.. LOL
they look so cute when they close their eyes. xD


this is what they peeled.
and while taking this picture,

the lions went into the rooms to do 
something like 'blessings'.
and the two lions keep 'attacking' me. LOL
i know they have big heads,
but i've got big strength!! xD


recieving ang pao from the monk.
this is the monk from U.S. 
Mummy and uncle invited him
to do blessing for the family.

p/s: in the crew, there's a leng zai. LOL.

the father-side relatives came to visit on the 7th day.
everyone grown up and we only get to meet each other once a year,
except Vivian Loo.
Everyone is super busy playing with the small cousin,
super duperly cute!! xD
Then we had dinner with gu-po (daddy's aunt, grandpa's sis)
and the son.

me + angie.
*ignore my DAMN chubby face*

She changed a lot!!
I miss her damn much, 
and she became so shy. LOL
So not used to it, but i'm totally alright with that.
Cause I got no idea what to talk to her also.
We need a time and space to have our
heart-to-heart session, to make us 
be closer like how we used to be.

more update soon!!

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