Monday, March 22, 2010

The FUN. Night One.

The reason I'm here blogging is because of the DAMN LRT system again.
I don't know if I should thank them or what. Cause I skipped Mr. Siva's LAW class again.
It's not like I purposely skip kay? Not my fault but the LRT.
I got no other way to go to college other than going by LRT. Aight, I can take bus, but if you know Metro bus, you would never wanna take that bus. Cause it stopped by every bus stand for around 10 minutes. So estimating the time from my area to the college, it takes 1.5 hours. So get me clear and don't say that I purposely skip the law class for no reason. I might be the class bunker but I got my reason. A valid reason.

Well, I'm here to do some update also, for the last CNY.
I'm late I know, but since I'm willing to share and you wanna view. Just shut up and view.

That night, we (Caryn, Suelyn and me) 
spent a night at Kenny's.
Thanks for the room <3

We wacthed this lame HK series,
Stupid Cupid. 
I like Tavia Yeung but not in this series.
The storyline and ending is lame.

While I'm watching, Suelyn and Kenny 
having pillow fight. LOL.

Then Ken continue watching when Suelyn went to bath.
And Caryn busy with the lappie. 

Then Caryn tried hard to sleep cause she's working 
the next day. BUT...

No one could ever sleep peacefully whenever
Suelyn is there. KECOH!! xD

Then everyone continue watchin TV,
and Caryn just couldn't sleep. xD

Suelyn and puppy. <3

They started to gamble after watching TV.
And Caryn quickly wake up to join. LOL

The sure win face.

Ended up lose.
Aha~ Loser. =P

Meditating before they start gambling. LOL

She still can't help not biting fingers. =.=


Merajuk. xD

to be continued.

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