Friday, March 26, 2010

The FUN, part TWOoo!!

Good Morning!!
Had a night at Ken's house.

Suelyn the sleepy head hugging the sleepy dog. xD

The tatami we sleep for 2 nights. =3

After brushing and etc, we went for house visiting and dropped by at Wwm's first.
Then we started the visiting routine about 11 and visited some houses around Melawati. We visited Ms. Ng's and Ms. Law's, the sweetest teacher and we all had great moment together(with two juniors, I think we might have bring some bad influence to them. LOL). But you know when the gamblers itching to gamble, that's how we spend time at the friends house.

That's what we do when we reach someone's house. Spot Ryan and Celine.
Sitting like Ah Long. LOL!!

Camwhore session as usual. =D

the 'gay' partner. xD

the stupid 'couple'. LOL

suelyn + meimei + batman. LOL

Looks like a family potrait. <3

wwm looks like she's seducing the baby. LOL

Introducing you, Ms. Law's baby. cute. =D

It's hard to get a photo of her. Celine.

Suelyn a.k.a. Token. $$$

RED.YELLOW.GREEN. Girls' version
Inspired by traffic light.
Idea from Joann Loo. xD

RED.YELLOW.GREEN. Guys' version x)

the She-man believes she can fly. =)

Candid!! =D

Suelyn, poser!! xD

After all, we went Station One for dinner.Well, the food sucks as usual. =X

This is the worst!! 
Blabla Thai Sauce Chicken Salad.
The Thai sauce got no Thai sauce taste, and
I think it is made of LEMON. Red lemon. Ewww...
I manage to finish it, but I asked for Thousand Island 
to dip with the damn-not-crispy chicken!!

The night end with gambles, again. LOL.

p/s: In case you didn't know, Jo-D got new update. click here to view. =)

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