Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I cut onions when I feel like crying.

Then fry them to deep-fried onions,
and eat 'em!!

I will give you a hyper me before a MOODY one.

Went for some awesome movies, 


From Paris With Love.

Based on the title of movie, at first I thought it's a story with love and romance stuff in, but... It just gave me a big WOW!! AWESOMEST!! I never expect that it would be this nice.

I hope you know John Trovolta,


the man who acted in Old Dogs.
the multi-talented actor, pilot, singer and dancer.


Another big WOW!! of the movie,
John Trovolta is B-A-L-D in the movie,
plus.. He has GOATEE!! 
How i wish i can shave that goatee. LOL
Charlie Wax is the name in the movie.
The appearance is not clean, but the charecter is simply awesome!!
Except for the part when he's in the toilet with the
Hooker. LOL!!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Plays the role of James Reese. 
A cool and loving guy. 
But awfully, the fiance, Caroline is one of the terrorist.

blablabla and yada yada...
I don't want to make it longer, cause I'm gonna tell the whole story if I do.
So, get yourself to the cinema and watch this movie.


then watched Alice in Wonderland [3D]

The movie is awesome!! Love Johny Depp and Anne Hathaway!! <3

Rating: 8/10

Finally watced Valentine's Day.

Yay!! The both  Taylors' did the great job. Not much scene, but funny!! 

Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner ROCKS!!

Rating: 7.5/10

Well, here comes the emo one. 
I'm still not used to be in the campus life.
Everything goes super duper fast.

Law language is such a pain on my ass!!

Economics makes me yawns more than i ever
yawned while having sejarah class.

Business studies has no more fun, after
Jennifer (the lecturer) left.

LAN (is a Malaysia study F.Y.I),
gonna have LOADS of presentation.

IELTS, ermmm.. i skipped all the time.

It's not like I don't wanna make myself to join the class.
But, don't you ever think that things go super fast?!
It's like I have not start talking and everyone skipped my turn!!
okay, this does not happen but it's a situation like that.
I never wanted and imagined that my college life is so much like a disaster!!
I thought I can easily fit in when March comes,
but no changes.
I mean, I'm happy that I know some close friend,
Caryn is the lovely,
Cammy is super cute,
Jia min is funny in a way,
Chloe is nice.

I really wish to get out of this place, as soon as possible!!
I want to deal with the course in 9 months time,
so don't be lazy, Joann Loo!!
Study and pay attention in the class!!
If not you're gonna stay in this course for extra 9 months again!!

Can someone cheer me up?
I don't really eat onions!!
So who am I gonna share those deep-fried onions to?
If this is the so-call-very-fun-college-life,
then please make me out of this world. ><

p/s: cheer up Daphne, all the best =)
seeing you is like seeing the past 3 months me.
EMO!! Damn PLKN!!

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