Saturday, March 13, 2010

I just Love Good Smelling People

Don't you love it? =)
You know how it feels when you actually breath in some super awful body odor with sweats after working out in the gym or even some other sports activities or Dunhill/ Marlboro?

Urghh~ And I will be like, 


Well, I'm not being exaggerate or whatsoever, but that is what actually happened on me. There's once my friend walks to me, and from faraway I could already smell the Marlboro or whatsoever other kind of cigarettes. Then I was like, 'Don't come over, now you leave or I leave.'

Then I may have been a lil over react, so he thought that I'm just joking and he just sit right infront of me. 
At the end, I just get myself out of the Cafe and left him there and he gotta pay for the bill. Tehee =)
I'm not doin that to make him pay for the bill, but seriously... Teenagers should not smoke and are not allow to buy cigarettes. Am I right? ABSOLUTELY!!
So don't make bad smells on yourself and you think it could actually smells like the HUGO BOSS perfume, cause it just make yourself even not CHIO. 

And this incident happened when I went to the pasar malam near my area. There's this lady who walks passed by me and the long silky hair just ter-swipe my nose. Guess what?! O.M.G-ly-wtf-BBQ. Her hair smells like Herb*al Essences!! xD
That is awesome!! I love the smell of that Raspberry. HAHAHAHA!!
And this is absolutely what I mean by chioness. You do not need a really HIGH and EXPENSIVE quality or brand to make yourself CHIO.

You choose your own way, and that decision will lead you to your future neither it is bright nor dark.

Alright, back to the topic again. 

Sometimes I might wonder, the sports guy like Michael Owen, Christiano Ronaldo and etc.
Do they smell good? xD

That day, I walk into Watsons and try(would rather says that i actually smell) on all the Adidas, Action3 Anti-Perspirant Spray. 

Somehow, I love guys perfume, fragrance or deodorant more than girls. Cause it smells safe. xD

The new Adidas Action3 comes with 6 kind of different odors and they are 0% alcohol- pH respect and are dermo-tested.
There arethe selections:





PURE and,


These products are recommended to all the guys and girls around the world. The only difference of the odor is, the men's smells like HOT MAN, and the women's smells like HOT WOMAN!! xD
Well, although it is not a perfume but deodorant... But do you know that how important is it for us, especially the one who needs to walk in and out your office and colleges? You would not want to go out with smelly armpit, aren't you? =)
For your bet deodorant recommendation:
Guyals, presenting you the  Adidas Action 3 Anti-Perspirant Spray

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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