Tuesday, March 2, 2010

if you're a drama freak

like ME!! 

you're supra outdated if you don't watch this..


autumn concerto
you will love it!! believe me!! 
starred by:
Ady An,安以轩  as Liang Mu Cheng  梁慕橙

well, she's pretty and acted in some other dramas before this also.
i admire her big eyes a lot!! *envy!!*
In the drama, Ady An does a great job playing the role of Mu Cheng. Her character is strong, independent, and reliable- perfect traits for a heroine. I also like how Mu Cheng isn’t so fragile and when things get rough she doesn’t go to a corner and cry but instead faces the problem head on (except for when she leaves Guang Xi for... *long story cut short* Guang Xi's sake).From a oh-so-sweet girl turned to a single mother.

Vaness Wu, 吳建豪 as Ren Guang Xi 任光晞


ermm.. i picked this to tell that, he is famous with that DAMN HOT FIGURE. is that 8 pack?! IDK, but seems to be BERRY HAWT, so.. yea.. Vaness Wu.
He plays the role of Ren Guang Xi, an arrogant playboy and turned to a lawyer after he losses his DAMN memory. He's done dramas before but I think Autumn’s Concerto displays his talent for acting. He has to go through so many emotions because of the changes his character undergoes. From arrogant playboy to distressed fatherless boy to loving boyfriend to hot shot lawyer.
Chris Wu, 吳慷仁 as 花拓也 Tuo Ye

As the man who is super lovable but not the love of the one he loves and could only be friends, FOREVER!! awful!! =X
Chris Wu does a great job as the love-stricken Hua Tuo Ye. His character is like a big brother to Mu Cheng though he wants it to be more than that. Chris’ image totally fits the sweet overly protective brother role. He looks innocent enough but if you get on his bad side, Chris can look like absolutely scary. And by scary, I mean that he can kick your ass across the globe kind of scary.

Tiffany Xu 許瑋甯 as Yi Qian 何以茜

she.....she is pretty.. looks like an angmoh mix, but.....
I would like her if she's not Ethan Ruan's girlfriend. -____-

see!! the awesomest guy!! and he's with her. ><
how can they be together? CANNOT!!
i don't allow, cause he's mine!!
i like his small eyes!! shooo freaking cute. <3
somehow, he looks like crayon shin chan.


right? with the thick eyebrow, so cute. 
no wonder i like him so much. xD
*don't judge, i know what kind of guy i like.*

okay, back to the topic...

Tiffany as the sweet love rival between MuCheng and Guang Xi. In the whole story, she was engaged with Guang Xi when he losses his memory till he memorize every thing and he left her for MuCheng. It seems cruel to her, but if he don't leave her, then what about MuCheng, right? Plus, she should have tell him about the truth when he actually didn't know about anything and could not even recognize MuCheng. DRAMAS!! LOL.

小小彬 Xiao Xiao Bin as  小 乐 Liang Xiao Le

you can dislike others, but not him. freaking lovable!! <3
he's the only actor whom i believe that he would not have any anti-fans. sucha adorable kid actor, who can resist? tell me.. xD
anyway, not to comment about his acting. cause he's too small to be judge, but seriously.. he can even act better than some other actor/actress who is in the acting career.


anyway, you can now download them and watch. cause it has already come to the last episode which i already waited for MONTHS!! 
but.. i can't watch it now.. got assignment to do. =_______= urghhh~

and F.Y.I, i'm gonna update on Jo-D's. so.. stay tuned!! 


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