Friday, March 19, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Where is my favourite surfing spot?! I took quite a long time to think about it.
While I'm thinking about this so seriously, the brother saw the blog title and,

'Where else you can surf nicely other than the house?'

Then I was like, 'YEA!! I enjoy surfing at home.'


There's no other place that could be nicer and sweeter than your own house. 

Cause you do not need to bring your heavy laptop around and looking for free wi-fi. Sitting in a lounge and you must order a drink to chill there for a long period, so that the waiter/ waitress won't be looking at you with a look like  = =. 
Then you can sit in a pose however you like without caring the way others will look at you, cause your family knows the way you are.

The house is like the place you can find your real self, and you can do whatever you LOVE.
You can turn on the music as loud as you want. *P/S: before 11pm*
You can do something else other than surfing the net, (eg: manicure, eat, drink & etc).
Plus, you can get yourselves food and drinks F.O.C. you want maggie mee pun boleh~
Then you can Facebook , and even work on your featured applications. <3
Love multitasking. hahaha!!

For those who love to surf net out from the house and could not get free wi-fi, introducing you the portable modem WIGGY!!

With your WIGGY, you can roam far and wide anywhere in P1 W1MAX coverage. Surf at a blazing fast 10Mbps, work faster and play harder. Well, you didn't see me wrong, and no typo. This pocketsize modem is tiny but did great on it present. Say hello to your baby WIGGY and get envious looks as you pull out your small and portable WIGGY. And guess what, they also comes with a prepaid and postpaid plan. It is all UP TO YOU!!

For further details please view the P1 W1MAX website:

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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