Thursday, April 22, 2010

Because I LOVE LIFE ♥

I joined this campaign, Love Life.

*photos credit to Love Life

They are the creator of this campaign.Christine Fan & Charles Chen a.k.a. Blackie.
They are also famous Taiwan artist, and the best thing is they are couple for 10 years,and  finally engaged. Congrats ♥

This is a charity campaign. Everyone join for a reason, because we love our life and others as well. Why would you suicide when you are so gifted? You are born healthy. And why are you living life like a dead person? In life we all encountered failure and setbacks. But think of what others are facing through their life? What about those cancer patients? They're still living their life to the fullest although they know they might not have much time to live. Shouldn't WE LOVE LIFE?

Why are you hurting yourselves? Why do you smoke? Why do you take drugs? And why do you hurt others?
Did you really gone through pain? How pain is that pain? Is it as pain as those whom need to go through all kinds of therapies? Are you as sad as the parents of those patients? What is yours to be compare with what they have been gone through?

You may not feel what I actually wanna tell, so watch these videos.
Feel them, and think of how gifted you are.
Appreciate whatever you've got, and stop hurting yourselves.

(eng vers)

(chinese vers)

ilovelife  join FB group LOVE LIFE  and Malaysia Love Life.

請珍愛生命 永不放棄.

p/s: I cried a lot while doing this post kay? The towel was half wet. T.T

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