Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is the worst April Fool.
I will be more than happy if I'm fooled by humans.
But apparently, it does not happen for this year's April Fool.
Cause I've been fooled by my DAMN phone!!

I did not know that all these damn 7 high-tech stuff  can cheat people also lo..
I wonder where they learn from. For my phone case, I think it probably go learn when I'm asleep.
Or maybe there's a small chip that can control my phone.
And guess what kinda chip is that, I don't know.
But it might be something like, AUTO-SELF-DESTROY chip.
All my previous phones were like that.
It just self-destroy when I thought of celebrating the first anniversary with them.

Either that there's really a chip that exist in my phone,
OR my phones cannot tahan staying with me more than a year.
Well, the second probability is like impossible. So it must be a hidden chip inside. Cause I treat my phones nice.
It must be something wrong with the shop that I always buy from them. Tried to cheat me to buy new phone every one year. I've been cheated for years, now I want BB!!
Only if my BB dead in one year after I using, then I'll admit that I did something wrong or overused my phones.


There's 200 new taken photos I haven't put into my disc drive. All for my blogs. GONE!! ALL GONE!!!!
Damn 7 heartache la!!! =(

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