Thursday, April 8, 2010

Forever and Always

Me & Millionaire a.k.a. GanasDog!!

Guess what? He bite me!! Again. Bloody ganas dog.Then I'm having a cold war with him.I'm not gonna play with him or share him my food. BABI!! ><

Have not update the blog for a week. This happen when my phone is hospitalized,again!! Damn 7 heartache lo.. And it has been a week already. The phone is repair yet?! Plus, the brother is changing iPhone3Gs soon. I want my Black Berry also!! Mana tau we can exchange. xD
Dream on la!! I'm super broke already!! How to buy BB?  T.T

Then I got no idea what to blog. And I can only complain. Readers will get bored, I know. But what to do? C'mon guys, entertain me with your jokes!!


college can make you die of tiredness!! 
especially the courses that you're not interested with.
think before you act.
it might drive you crazy.
me? I'm semi crazy!! 

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