Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Mum Is Awesome

Well, she's really awesome. For everything she did and she said. Sometimes can really make you laugh off your ass. LOL.

There's this one day, after dinner with her and the other two pretty cousin. I tell her with a worry face,

'Mii, you know my MC didn't come last month and this month. So it's like two months already. Plus, nowadays I'm eating like mad and must eat something that I thought of eating, right at the moment.'

'Wow!! You're behaving like a pregnant lady. I think you're pregnant.(Being sarcastic)'

'Yea, I think I'm pregnant.(with very sarcastic tone)'

Then, she stop munching the fruits cause she's got frightened. And you can never not burst out laughing when you see her face looking at me when I tell her that I think I'm pregnant. LOL. The eyes and the mouth opened SUPRA BIG!! hahahhaa xD

Well, to clarify the dialogue above... I do really have those symptoms on the above, but I'm not pregnant. Hormone imbalance jerr.. College life is stressful!!

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