Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pet Society Madness.

Addicted to the Playfish game- Pet Society.

Since the starting I play Facebook, and I stopped playing cause that time, Facebook is so new, fresh and fun. The apps are freaking like LOADS, so I stopped and started to play other apps. It is still the same like now. But the starting is much more fun cause there's less NO LALA yet. (Opppss.. It just based on my own opinion.No offence. )  And when it becomes more and more popular, LALAs get into FB world also, and they totally polluted the FB!! Sad max.

How to differentiate LALAs on FB other than looking at their photos?
Well, that's totally easy. They will use the same method as how they use on Friendster ( The previous popular site. Now still BEST HIT in LALAs world.).  They will add you and probably send you a wall post (a private message if they're shy) and says,

Hi!! Thanks for the add. =)
Mine intro? 
Nice to know you.

I was like, 'Hellooo~ You're the one who added me, I'm the one who approve it. So you should say, Thanks for the approve!! / Thank me for accepting you as friend in FB. '
Well, I might sound very... Arrogant. But I'm not, if you really know the REAL me. =)

And I'm totally out of topic. I know. So back to the topic. Pet Society Madness!!
I began to play it again last year, right before SPM. Totally influenced by Suelyn Ng telling me what she bought from the shops. Then my curiousness and the shopaholic spirit even makes me more addicted to the game. Cause they will have new themes every week and also some 'this week special' (that will never for sale anymore after the week.). 

This is my pet. First were named Momo, cause it suppose to look fluffy in my imagination but it's not.
So quite long after that, I changed the name to Yada. =)
No idea why. But yea... This is my pet, Yada a.k.a. Yada Hepburn with a Audrey Hepburn style.LOL!!

If you do not play Pet Society, you will not know the fun. And I'm here to tell. (I don't get a cent for telling, I tell for the analytics sake. LOL!! ) Other than you yourselves having a pet like this, your own pet can also has his/her own pet. For example, 

 Yada can has her own pet!!
Right: Yada and Chedzie the Miao.
Left: Yada and the oh-so-not-kawaii dog,
which I named it I'm gonna sell you off!! LOL.

And as what I promised myself and the pet, I sold of that dog. Cause it does not looks cute, at all!!
Other than cats and dogs, your pet can also has petling like, Coyote, Lion and Lamb (for rich people that buys playfish cash.) I bought a lion before. The lion looks super awful one!! Then I sold it off also. x)

Not to forget you can create your own pet's face, with numbers of skin tone, eyes shape, ears shape, faces and etc.It was hard to earn money and to buy everything you love in the game. But after a severe maintenance, you can earn 50 bucks for the first 50 houses you visited following by 25 bucks and 15$. And with this money, you can let your pet shop happily around the town.

Guess what? We can have Japanese theme for this week!!
Give your pet their home a complete Japanese makeover with everything from sushi to kimonos!! 
The stores are selling everything in a Japanese concept. And I have no enough money to buy the whole set!! 

Tell me Yada is ultimately KAWAII!!<3
She can has kimono. 3 different sets of kimonos!! 
So cute can die. LOL

And the best thing is,
she gets what I wish for!!
And I'm the one who made her all this!! 
Niama, so hang fuk. T.T

The closet room with every baju you love.
And the shoes!! Walao T.T 
Who can make me one? I marry you now!!

Then she can has Mac!! 
And polka wallpaper!! ><
Why her owner so good one?! Where else to look for?

And an entertainment room!! 
Why so good life? Thanks to me.
C'mon and give mama a kiss. LOL!!
So talented. Must be my pet la. x)

Coming with some vain pictures of Yada. LOL.

The end, xoxo.
Love Joann♥ .

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