Sunday, April 25, 2010


I repeated this tons of times but still none understand.
FUCK OFF my way and don't bother what I'll be doing if you don't like me.
I never force ANYONE to LIKE me, cause I don't like EVERYONE around me as well.

I never thought that I would tell this to my brother.
Yea, my family. I never expect that my own family member will ever tell something that's so much hurting.
I don't care if anyone would talk bad about me but not him or anyone of the family.
I love my family, I really do.

Anyone can tell things like that but not you because you're my family. I'm angry because I care. Don't be irresponsible with whatever you tell, and giving damn excuses cause you're younger or smaller. So what? I'm not gonna tolerate with you till the day you die. Grow up and think before you act. It hurts and it seriously do!! Think what to do and what not to.

More or less, I need respect from you. Cause I'm your sister. I'm not gonna tolerate with you for whatever you tell.

I'm your sister and I will be your DAMN sister FOREVER.

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