Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm having fever. Somehow it is also because I stay up late these days because having serious shytt insomnia + LOADS of homework!! And the timing of getting sick now is so not right. Make me think that I might have H1N1. NOOO!!!! *PRAY HARD* WTF =X

I'm super tired, dizzy and busy but I still need to blog about this because I think this makes me feel more dizzy since this evening cause I'm sitting right behind this particular guy. Guess what?! No, he didn't sneeze or cough. He took off his damn shoes and no socks were wore?! FML max!!

I mean, you can if you are confident that you don't have that damn odor when you take off your shoe, but.. I really cannot tahan lo.. BLOODY SMELLY!! I almost faint. = =

Then that smell make me can't breath right and somehow I think if the way you breath is not right, then your eyes don't feel well. Yea, must be. Cause I'm having eyes infection as well. DAMN.

And then while doing my work, I just feel dizzy and yea... Fever. And the best thing is the nose is blocked and I got sore throat as well.

The sick just does not come in a good time. I'm super busy like wtf, I don't even have the time to shit and gotta look for doctor some more. Very suffering kay? Keep back the illness first lahh, then come back another day can? Not this time. This is really not a good time to fall a sick. T___T

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