Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time for some delay post.

 This is a post about the last 2 days of CNY.Well I know I'm real late, but... Yea, view it or just ignore it.

Went Genting with Suelyn, Kenny, Beh and KwanJJ for a few hours just to take a nice rest and to breath in fresh air. Well, Genting is getting warmer. So..

 Yours truly and my beloved wore shorts there. x)
♥ Suelyn most!! 
Don't bother to tell me how big size am I when I'm standing beside her.
I know I'm BIG!!><

Went to the arcade to have some fun and we enjoy a lot!! YAY!!

Ken and Beh.

This jackpot machine is fun!!
Easily you can get the bonus. Other machines scheme money one. =(

Ahaa.. That's the love pulling the tickets. =)

And the tickets filled half space of the bag. Happy max!! xD

Time to count the ticket we won. Is nice that they have this ticket eater. x)

The winner's receipt!!
1617 tickets!! 
With these, we exchanged 4 cups and a whissel. LOL

Suelyn on the weighing machine.


Baskin Robbin LOVE ♥!!
Has BR before we leave. =D

This kid beside Ken was playing with him and showing him cards.
The awkward face. LOL

*Two more photos missing.Plus phone spoil, everything lost. Sad max!! T.T*

I hope you see this.
There's a guy walking on the wormie trackway. 
I wanna know from where he start walking and where he goes down.
I wanna walk together also!! T.T

Then, we took a bus home.

And when the night has come...

Spot Kenny. LOL!!
And my smelly blanket. xD

There you see Ken. HIHI!! LOL!!

After awhile, Suelyn and Caryn were hungry. So they cooked maggi for supper.

Ken promoting that instant noodle.

And the egg as well. xP

Leaving him cooking alone, and I'm busy snapping photo. xD

Ken, 'Eii.. Kambing, come help la...'
Me, 'I don't want~ xD'

Here come Suelyn, and..
Ken, 'Okay, I do myself.'

And for your information, he fail cooking maggi. LOL.

P/S: While I'm doing this post, our beloved tai kor called and have a talk with him. Miss him so much weihh~ T.T

Love, Joann ♥

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