Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'm gonna make a movie review.

The LAMEST movie of Jack Neo.
I don't know what others think about this movie, but I really think 
Jack Neo's movie gone really bad.
Being Human has good moral views, but
the storyline of it really sucks.
Guess what, I went for this movie on the second or third day of it's screening.
And the whole cinema was empty except for me and Suelyn.
Yeap!! Only both of us in the cinema.
The best part of the movie is the NG part.
And Jack Neo's movie always love to use that kinda ending.
As expected. LOL.

Rating: 2/5

Went for this movie with my Bryan, Desmond, CWai, Jeng Lock and both Caryn's. LOL
We never choose for this movie at first, but that's the only movie that can fit out time,
and of course some great ideas of those guys. haha..
Haunted Room ain't scary as what I thought it should be.
No.. No ghost. Not as disgusting as other Thai horror movie.
But the unexpected always makes me being more and 
more curious about what it's gonna happen next.

Rating: 3/5
*You can always count on me for horror movie.LOL*

A Malysian movie.
Nice movie tho.. Support Malaysian movies, although some really sucks.
Leading by Aniu, Angelica Lee,Gary Chou, Victor Wong,
Fish Leong. They are all local singer and actress whom are famous in Asia.
The storyline is quite funny and I love how Gary Chou act as an idiot samseng. LOL
Ice Kacang Puppy Love is just awesome. 

Rating: 4/5

Donnie Yen rocks!! xD
Ip Man movie always makes Wing Chun fever to everyone. LOL.
Just like my two stupid brothers, always Wing Chun at home,
and I'm always one of the victim. But I'm just fine cause I can 
Wing Chun  better than them!! xD
The storyline is great and seems to be quite short.
It will be better if it goes longer, but it's just great. The best HK movies. 
Master of Wing Chun. Teacher of Bruce Lee.

Rating: 4/5

Steve Carell movie again!! xD
The movie is always good when they have him as the main role.
Date Night is extremely funny. Laughing nonstop from the starting to the end.  ;)
You should really watch another movie of him if you really got no idea who's he.
Evan Almighty, another recommended movie.

Rating: 4.5/5

Furry Vengeance.
Apparently Brendan Fraser did not really keep himself fit. LOL.
If you can't recognized him, The Mummy film series might remind you about him.
And of course the unforgettable George of the Jungle.
But this movie didn't really do well.
The trailer looks real good, but it is not as good as what I expect for.
And the movie did not makes me feel good looking at those cute raccoons.
Somehow, those raccoons annoyed me.

Rating: 3/5

Another good local movie.
Yes!! Christopher Lee is a local actor, not Singaporean.
Kidnapper movie did really good job.
And MummyLove really feels the hatred in the movie.
It really sucks if you're the one who experienced all the things shown.
Tortured by a damnful insane kidnapper,
and would you sacrifice to save your own children?
I cried when Phyllis Quek stabbed by Jack Lim, and when her daughter... T.T
I shouldn't have tell more about the movie storyline.
So just get yourselves to the cinema to watch it.
I thought the kidnapper is crazy, but I think again.
The story-writer and the director is the one who is really mad.
How can they write out a story like that? 

Rating: 4/5

That's all. Ciaoz ;)

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