Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Went To The Gatsby Deodorant Fair

Wow!! I'm sucha unprofessional blogger!! xD
This post should be up last month and I did not do a proper update, LOL.
And the thing is, I'm just gonna do a post of this, very briefly.

So I was invited to the Gatsby Deodorant Fair at Times Square on the 17th of April.
Then I asked Suelyn to came along.

And I almost leave the place once I reach when I saw...

0.0 So many people!!!

Well, luckily I didn't. Cause.... xD

The event was really fun. Those who didn't attend, or didn't get to attend should really cry for it.

And especially when you get to won a Nintendo Wii!! xD
O.. That's Jayleo.
And picture credits to krazy

Ohh.. And I met Vincent there.
Well, we shouldn't have meet each other there
cause we actually have a morning class that day and we skipped for this. xD

The T-Shirt.

The pom pom stick.
Suelyn brought it to home to whack Coco. LOL


So we went to this, Expressoup, 2nd floor.

They have various of soup.
And I tasted the mushroom, brocolli and pumpkin soup.
Delicious =)
But to be honest, the bread is really nothing secial.
So don't waste your money for the bread.
And pumpkin soup might not be right for everyone,
Cause somehow it's quite sweet. But me likey~. =)

The soup that served with bread is meant to be like this.
And some might wonder how are you gonna eat that bread.
LOL. See, that's why you're given plate together.
Just cut your bread and let the soup pour,
the bread is better to be eat after dipping the soup.

After lunch, we took our time and shop around.
We went to SnJ and fool around. LOL

I love this calculator a lot..
Super gigantic, can buy it for your grandma.LOL

And we go insane keep playing with their stuffs xD

I like that bunny. hahahahaaxD

Then we went back to the fair for the long awaited lucky draw session.

My name wasn't mentioned on the first draw.
Then the second draw made because some of the lucky people who get
didn't show up. And I've been one of the replacement who gets that Nintendo Wii..

For like seriously, that time when the emcee shout 'Joann..'
I was like, 'Cheh~ Must be some other Joann.'
And when he continues, 'Joann.. Loo~'

Suelyn and I stunned. And Vincent was like,
'Whoaa~ Joann!!'
Then both of us started to laugh and I run on stage to get my Wii!!

Retarded face with super awesome Wii!! xD

 Then now, I looks like some damn aunty waiting for husband to fetch her 
after enjoying her gathering. LOL

LOL. Suelyn hung that bunny on my hand while I'm texting my mom.
Then I got no idea why I'm holding that chips. 
And I really looks like some ah so~ xD

I cannot stop camwhoring with that cute Wii. LOL

Post done =)

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