Friday, May 21, 2010



I'm sorry that I'm not being friendly to you, you and YOU!!
I never mean to be so, whatever you call that... COOL?!
I'm sorry okay? I still don't know what the fuck I did,
and what the hell I told that makes you think that I offended YOU!!

I tried hard to talk, smile and social. WHATEVER!!
But I just fail, OKAY?!
I cannot communicate with someone like how I usually do,
or some other people normally do.
I don't know why I'm being like this,
and then you say I'm anti-social or whatsoever?!
What? People don't talk as much as you do, 
so I'm an anti-social?!!
So what are you? You talk so much so you're
so fucking great?!
I only talk to guys and only go near to guys?
So I'm a total bitch?!
They come over, they started the conversation first,
I'm just trying to be friendly so I'm a bitch?!
So you don't talk to guys?!
What?! You're just as pure as a lil kitty?
My foot!! 

You don't like me, so just go aside and group an
ANTI JOANN LOO GROUP, gathering all those
lifeless people who hate me so much then start gossip about me!!

What the hell you wanna care so much about how 
I'm being so.... friendly.
Hate me then fuck off. Simple as that.
I don't give a damn weihh~

Yea, I don't have good body or good attitude.
So?! You think you're so effing great?
With that 32++ inches waist?!

Fakies just love create hatred around. 
That's sad. Real sad. =)

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