Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Introducing Ze Family New Love ♥

Calling all the pork lovers.
Do you love pork?
Yours truly introducing you,

Sanbanto SS2,
The Pork Lover Cafe. ♥

Well yeah, the cafe is all about pork!!
I remember the first time we went, it was last year, the first day of the opening.
And ze family were super amazed,
cause you know, we love pork.

And yeah, amaze like this. LOL
That's ma brother and the cousin. xD

And few months later, we went to the cafe, again.
That was the last month, on the day cousie, Elaine's birthday.
And we went there like kinda often after that, at least once a week. LOL

Too often and now, Uncle Bill can go into the counter
place to sit while we are waiting to be seated.
F.Y.I, their cafe not only serve food, double up with butchery as well.
You can have fresh and nice cut pork everyday. *awesomeness*

You can get a view of the kitchen from the outside and look!!
Clean and neat,and we would probably have no problem with their food. =)

Yo, check it out. What freaks steph out?! LOL
(sorry, I don't mean to like make you looks ugly, sorray~)

Can you see that? That's the cold room, they keep the dead piggies.
I'm the one who found out that, and we just keep starring those pigs,
while waiting for our food to be served.

We also did camwhore, =)

Winnice. Blehh~ =P

The brothers, and me (if you can see me)

This is another day, where you can see we are wearing different clothes.
Ahh~ Having fun playing iPhone 3Gs( not mine T__T).

Urmm.. We were playing some games, which is...
'Find the differences'. No fun, small screen cannot see. : (

Well, I'm giving my first try to do a food post,
but to be honest, I'm not good in giving detail explanation or describtion
based on the yumminess of the foods. But I'll try my best. =)

(I can't remember the prices, so just get yourself there to check out the food and everything what
The appertizers.
Mushroom soup, with bacons surprise. =)
Mashed potato, the gravy is totally love. And,
The pork belly salad. Wootz!!

Surprisingly, the pork belly is just nice to serve with the salad.
Nice and crispy, for those who don't eat pork belly should try.
It just don't taste like pork belly, it taste... YUMMY!! xD

And look here!! The best of the best Charsiew!!
If you know about nice Charsiew, you would probably know about the one located at
Jalan Alor, but.. I'm recommending you their Charsiew here.
I don't really know about Charsiew, but..
This one is prolly FANTASTICO!!
(I'm not pro enough to describe the taste and all with details, so bear with me. *wink*)

This pork chop is, juicy pork. Matching with the apple.. jam? =)
Good match. At first, I thought it would taste weird, but no. Believe me!!

My all time love, Carbonara Spaghetti. =)
The creaminess. NOM NOM!!

Pork Bolognese, with minced porkie!! =)

Ahh, and I prolly forgotten what's the name of this bread.
But this is nice you know?! Very filling portion tho~

Sanbanto is also featuring this, The English Roast Pork!!

(It's 12.21a.m., that is midnight. I'm doing a blog post on this, and it makes me hungreehh~ Why am I torturing myself like this to bribe my readers? You better appreciate what I did for y'all readers. )

And I think and think, did we just order this little of food? But why am I so full that day? LOL.

Ohh yea, for drinks, the foods are best served with English tea. =)

32, Jalan SS2/63
Petaling Jaya
(Same row as the famous dessert place, Ktz, A little Dim Sum Place and the Rocket United Cafe.)
Call for reservation, cause the cafe is always FULL!!
03 7876 1728 

I'm sorry, this is a non-halal post.
It fulfilled with porkiness!! ><

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