Monday, May 17, 2010

This is the time

I always thought that 2010 might be a great beginning of my new life, but it doesn't seems to be like that. And now, I think this is the time for me to speak out what am I feeling deep down my heart. Like seriously, I never wanted to talk about this cause I couldn't find anyone to talk about this, until now. I finally make up my mind to tell out here, and hopefully, that emoness will fade away as soon as possible. And no more emo post on this blog.

Honestly, I skip classes like every week, I do not have the strength to study. And never wanted to go college. Yea, I'm lazy. And at the same time, like I told before, I never wanna study all this law shits!!! But I freakingly listen to my mum, maybe I will like it, PUII!! NEVER!! It's not interesting, AT ALL!! But I still force myself to study. Never mind, it will be fine, I thought so. But still... sigh.

*Love matters do not bother anymore, so just skip over that.*

Life is miserable. I'm not satisfied with everything that I've gone through this year. I became damn quiet in the class, not to say that I'm acting cool, cause I'm not. I wish I can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. But I just became more and more not sociable. That damn look/face, never wanted to smile at anyone makes them feel that I'm darn unfriendly. I used to talk crap anywhere, anytime and to anyone. But now, I just wanted to keep silence, and it will be even better when people around SHUSH as well. I changed and I swear a lot, like LOADS!! I hate Joann Loo like this.I hate that I'm not being friendly, and I'm not sociable.

I never tried to really talk to everyone, and I always stick to the only one whom I feel comfortable with. I'm just lucky that I found one or maybe she found me. If she did not make her first move to talk to me, I think I'm still alone in the class, like a emo devil. SHIAT!! I love you, Ng Wei May!! xD

It feels good when you have someone to talk to, I don't need more. But at the same time, I always think that classmates should have do everything together. I always envy people who can live in a society freely like that, and they can talk to anyone. I know that I should make the first move instead of waiting for people to come and talk to me. I know, and I always hate that people complain that they're all alone. And look, I'm being that kind of human living in a life like that. Haha!! Ain't that sad?

To who ever who has read this post,

Next time when you see me, force ask me to smile. No matter what.
Joann Loo needs a brand new life.
I'm not alone, I know that.
Cause they are still people who love me, right? =)

Let these emo shits fade away as soon as possible. I still have ages to live and I shall move on. So who's with me? What? Don't nod, gimme respond leave me message. I won't know if you don't tell. LOL.

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