Monday, May 10, 2010

update for the update sake

LOL. Mum made me this on my birthday.
The red eggs, a tradition of the Chinese.
Sadly I didn't get to do any celebration for my birthday this year.
But still thanks everyone who wished me, 
and my loves who come to have lunch and movie session with me.
Love you guys. <3

An avatar of me, drawn by Wei May.
Kawaii max!! But the real person...


I finally made a new specs after the last one lost. =3=
This time I chose the plastic full frame again, but different color.
Something different, not bad. =)
*personal preference*

The elder brother and I.
On the car while on the way back from USJ.
I never took an actual photo with him before,
and I shall do that next time. 
He was lying on my tummy, saying that,
'Let me lie on your tummy,
the fats make it nice to lie on.' ==
I know I'm fat, but I got no time lahh~LOL

And this is when we pass by Sentul.
I love seeing cows around noming grass.
I always wanna know, why are cows this fat?
And the thing is, they are actually grassy-tarian.
Whee~ Me love florals. 
Too flowery I know, but me likey. =)

And your truly is acting nerd these days, cause 
I'm having assessment. Need to study.
(But I'm lazy to start my studies. Itchy backside)
Then I'm gonna fail my assessments!! T___T

#Blogging using my new laptop. I finally got it,
and I love blogging in my own room.
No one gonna disturb while I blog. So awesome. xD

**I'm kinda done with this post,
cause I got no idea what to blog about anymore.
I'm sucha failure~ T_____T

Love me, would you?

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