Monday, June 14, 2010

All the studies SHITS!!

Attention: You can choose to read or not to read, cause I type this just to complain how unfair is my life. If you're not gonna read it, but you did clicked into my blog, PURRR-LEASEEE~!!!!! Click on the ads!! Thanks. =)

If you know, I am now taking A level course in Advance Tertiary College. No, don't ask me where is it. Cause you won't know even if I tell you. Most of the people won't know, and Suelyn, she did not know that she passed by my college when I brought her to walk from the monorail station to the LRT station. And when I ask her what does she think about my college, she was like, ' Where's your college?' Whaturfff?! Did she not realize that she just passed by my college?! And she was like, 'The building? That's your college? I thought it's an unwanted old building.' Yeah, FML. That old-unwanted-kinda-building is my college.

I don't mean to turn a big round to slap on my college face, cause it's a good college. The problem is not with the college, but ME!! I JUST DON'T LIKE IT!!

Well, back to my point. I am actually very frustrated. I wanna get rid of this college as soon as possible. Nothing makes me feel comfortable of. Nothing can comforts me. And hell yeah, I can get rid of  it if I take up the linear programme that only takes one year for me to graduate from this course and after all the exams shit, I can possibly fly up high and wait for my result and that will be the time I'm gonna die hard for real. I don't seem to have any matter, cause I already has a plan of doing the linear programme. BUT the thing is, I missed out SHIT LOADS of classes. And if I take up that linear programme, I still take the exams, but... I prolly need to resit the exam. FML. So after all the blablabla, I decided to take the 1 and half year exam. And then, I can't graduate this year, all my plans will be canceled.

Sigh. Nevermind, cause I'm the only one whom feel frustrated. ALL the plans that I planned WILL NOT achieve, cause no one cares, and everyone would think that I am crazy. I got no cash to achieve my dreams, so I'll just stick to the reality. And the reality is, I got no money, I can't get rid of this college even I don't like it, I must finish my law studies even I don't like it. I must not study my own preferred courses even I mad lovin' it. WTF?! FML max!!

Tell me what do you not satisfied with after you see this post. You get to do what you love, study what you want. Get into the college/ school you like so much. I looks like I'm just good, I'm happy, but what do you know about me? No one knows. Ahhh, forgive me, I will be damn emo when I start talking about my studies.

And most of all, I don't like my college, but I like my coursemate. They are just awesome.
But the Mr Khor is nightmare. LOL

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