Thursday, June 3, 2010

Current Love♥

You might not know who is he,
cause he's new. BUT..

If you know Jolin's previous album,
< Butterfly >, and watched the MV of
Real Man. You would probably know him,
the guy who was featured in the song. 

Yeahh~ That's him, Nick Chou.

Don't you think so?!

Haha!! That's him, the little boy with super chio style,
and the woman is the mom. LOL.
Ahh~ And the mom is a Taiwan artist as well.
You would know her if you watched all kind of Taiwan Variety Show.
She's just blur in a way, but really impressive.
Cause she can has an AWESOME SON!!
I mean, I respect her in other way also.
Cause she can really dance great, but..
just let's talk bout her son only.. lol

This is him after years,
grown up from that cute-lil-chio-boy to
a awesomatic-hot-man. Ohsolovely

So hot no matter what~ Loves♥
Me love talented guys like him.
Can play guitar, can act, can sing and dance well. 
And he is also a composer. 
Tell me chio or not? >3<

Nick Chou is ♥

 And if you noticed, I'm promoting him to everyone. LOL. 
On FB, Twitter and now on my Blog. 
I still couldn't get to see his new MV,
but if you wanna listen to his new song, check out
 and join his fanpage on FB!!

and somehow I think he looks like Chun Jung Myung.

both of them are love.
I think they looks almost the same when they smile. =)
Me likey. ;)

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