Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dum DI Dum ♥

One more step, that's all that we have left.

I'm praying for everything goes well.

I must go to Maldives in between 5 years time.

I've got an impulse. I want to cut my hair short!! 
If my head is small, I might want to shave it bald.

I thought of withdrawing all my money then start my backpack travel.
 But... DREAM ON!! I got limited savings only. fml

Sometimes when I'm watching some MV,I feel envy.
Not because they are pretty, they can perform.
I envy them because they can go all around the world,
if they request to do their MV at some nice places.
And what they aren't satisfied? They work, they act, they sing and dance.
It seems to be sucha big entertainment and
after all, they were paid for that. 
They work, they had fun and they get money. Awesome max.
And I is jealous max. 
Then one more thing is, they are sponsored for most of the products.
Unfair max. T____________T

This round thing known as Brazil Lychee.

It has super hard shell, can't open even if I bite it. ><

Must press REAL hard to open it, and


This is how it actually looks like. Hmm...

Just taste like the normal lychee, but not as juicy as the usual one.
Anyway, I still prefer the red lychee. Juicy!!! xD

I'm still working on JoDi's blog. Too many photos to upload. =)

Please don't cry like this is a surprise,
it only make things worse.
I bet you know that right?

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