Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gimme More

I tell you, I got damn many to update, but I got no time. So gimme more, gimme more time!!

I got lots to share. I got lots of thoughts. But I really got no time. No, I didn't waste my time on unnecessary things.I work, and that is exactly why I got no time.The office still couldn't access on internet, if not I would really spend my lunch time to update.
Nowadays, I sleep early (about 12, it's very early for me), then gotta wake up at 6.30 and then follow my mu to the office. Work start from 9-6. Then I reach home at 6-7 something. After that gotta do housework, seriously, I hate doing all the laundries. But too many people living in a house, and never expect the guys to help, cause even you ask, they wouldn't do it. Hopeless people.
The elder one is not at home after dinner, the younger one will stick with the laptop and wanna watch the TV as well. But luckily I'm kinda into football nowadays. Everyone is having Worldcup Fever. x)

I'm happy that Portugal played so well, 7-0!! Ronaldo is so-HOT-can-die.
I really wish to see Spain, England, Portugal and Brazil on the final. Well, I hope England don't disappoint me again. *pray hard* USA must not win!!!

I'm sleepy already, and that is why you see no point in this post.
Ahhh!! There's still laundry waiting. I gotta finish it now and off to bed.

Nights world ;)

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