Friday, June 4, 2010

Nick Chou is ♥

I don't care whether you wanna know or not. 
I'm just freaking in love with this guy. LOL

Then everyone who follow his news should know that his 
he has an official music video that's out yesterday afternoon 
at Taiwan.. =____________=
But, unlucky people like me, not Taiwanese just gotta wait
till his company or Nick himself to post the MV on his page.

Then lucky people like me will find his youtube page, and grateful that I
subscribed his channel. And of course, the LUCKY me get to view his MV 
right after he has post up the MV. Wheeee~
And guess what?! FIRST VIEWER!! XD

I cannot believe it, cause I am happy max.
Then because I am lansi max, I do printscreen to 
proof that I am really the first viewer
Not easy okay?!

One more.
I even did the round circle to show and point out. LOL
Lansi max. Show off!! xD

No one really cares, but never mind. As long as I am happy

I can has good sleep tonight. =)

Good night peeps,
Sweet dreams Nick

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