Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I really think there's a lot of people out there feel like stabbing me. xD
Cause I don't answer phone calls, and reply messages.
Well, not my fault!! NOT MY FAULT!!!
My phone is sucha bitch, it can't stay still for even a day 
when I don't feel like touching it. Maaderr~ Sifat hun punya phone ><

Don't scold me for not repairing it,
I REPAIRED IT!! 7 TIMES in 2 months!!
Tell me how can you not get fed up with it?!

Now I got no extra phone to use,
cause my younger brother is kinda active phone user now.
So I can't use his phone.
Then my stupid elder brother lend the only extra phone to his friend.
So I got no phone to use!!! T________________T

I'm sucha anti social.
Even I can't tahan myself,
feel like banging the wall.

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