Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You're in deep shit

I do believe that I've failed you,
I'm sorry that I do.
I blame everyone for bringing all this shit to me,
but after all, I'm the one to blame.
I am lazy, I am irresponsible.
I am too stubborn and I am just useless.
I thought things can be kept silent,
then I will be just fine.
But nothing can remain as secret forever.
The people around loved you,
but you fail them and let 'em down.
You thought none of them will be upset,
but everyone is deeply hurt.

You don't dare to talk, you don't dare to ask.
You keep everything silent, then you thought you're safe.
When everything comes together,
you find someone to blame.

Now you're in deep shit, how are you gonna face the one you love?

I am in deep shit, tell me how should I face you?!

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