Monday, July 26, 2010

Days Off

If I would ever live on an island alone, I think it will be awesome. Run-away from the concrete jungle. Keep away all the assignments. Put down the unwanted thoughts. Zero make-up,loose tank top, shorts and barefoot. =)

Just gimme sometime, and I seriously need a SOME days off from everything. I just want to wake up by the pool/seaside. Fresh cooling air, sea breeze and sunlight, that's all I want.

Have you ever thought of doing plastic surge? I do.
I'm not satisfy with my small eyes and big nose. I want a sharper nose, and a big, round, dolly eyes. But I'm afraid. I'm afraid that my mum wouldn't recognize me.
Do you ever have a thought of how your soul actually looks like? Does it looks like our appearance? If we did plastic surgeries, do the soul actually has any changes? Well, I hope yes. Cause if it doesn't, those who did plastic surgeries might have cry loudly.

AND, Stop sharing nude photos on Facebook. My FB page is kinda polluted already!!
You're open minded, you wanna share to your friends, I understand. But share somewhere else but not on FB.


ken said...

i wanna have long holidays too..

plastic surgery? no no.. =P

♥ JOANN said...

ken- lol. i will try my best to ask for summer holidays. then we can have holiyears. =)