Friday, July 30, 2010

I Want My SexyBack

This is a confession of a fat-ass.
First of all, I am so freaking fat. And everyone knows.

OMG, I can look so a lil thin here!!

Some people say, 'No, you aren't fat.'

LIAR!! I am damn fat, I know!! Some people tells that to make you feel good, and then you will start eating and you forgot that you are actually REALLY fat!! And that someone who says that, could really be the one who jealous/dislike or even hate you to the max. So, he or she wants you to grow bigger, so they looks better. FTL.

Okay, maybe some of them didn't mean to lie, they just don't feel good to say, ' Yea, you should really get rid of those fats.' So instead of being so mean, they will be like, 'No la, where got? (and they can't tell further lies to say that you are very thin, so they will say..) You are just normal aight?' NAHHH!!
Or for some people, they will say that, because they used to see you in this size or maybe they see you grow from SMALL size to BIG size, so they think you're not fat. Wtf.

There's this one time, Suelyn came to my house after school, and we need to go for tuition but she don't have any clothes to change. So, I find a dress of mine that I can barely wear it to let her change. When she walks out, I was like, WTF!! I was this thin. Since when I get so fat?! Okay, maybe not that thin but a lil similar like that. And for your information, Suelyn, is DAMN thin, ermm, about 42 kgs?

So I decided to lose weight, and until today, if you see/saw/seen me in real life, my diet plan actually didn't work. I know right, it's like, FML.  Err, maybe it did, only once, and that was last year. Why I didn't continue? Cause I wasn't persistance enough. LAZY BUMP!! But I did manage to maintain the weight, but still, VERY FAT!!

And one thing you should really know, there's something like a diet calculator, that calculate your body fats or whatever. Don't trust!! Especially for tall girls. Even systems/formulas lies!! There's always result like,

Your weight is in the normal range.
You do not need to lose weight.
Start an exercise program and become more active.

Saw that?! That 'normal range' means, you're consider fat.  'Start an exercise blablabla' means, you should really lose weight, fat ass!! So don't depend on those calculator shit. But if it says you're too thin, take that, eat more. And when it says you're obese, take that also. Cause they don't want you to die of heart attack.

You know what has invaded my life, and ruins me?
The FATS!! I hate fats!! 

Like seriously, for the first time of my life, I really need to lose weight. And yea, 8kgs in 4 months. So, I need to lose at least 2kgs in one month. 

I don't mention it for fun only, I AM VERY SERIOUS!! And I hope everyone who read this blog post will keep an eye on me. Stop me when you see me eating too much. Invite me for jogs. Urge me to do more exercise. ;)

Lastly, I hope bloggers powers help. LOL.


ken said...

girls always think they are fat.. no matter how skinny they are =P

♥ JOANN said...

ken- LOL. that applies on skinny girls, not me. i am freaking xxkgs!! and see, i'm even shy to tell it out. hah!!

ZiLiN^^ said...

ERXin dont look fat larh!!
I am serious!!
And I am fat!!

♥ JOANN said...

zilin- Yea, I don't look fat, but the fact is I am fat.
You're thin already. Thinner after u came back from ns. And at least u get to slim down, and I can't. Sad max.

ZiLiN^^ said...

Dont say it like that larh..
Think it a positive way...=)
But actually you're moderate lorh..not too fat ny what...

Wei May said...

same goes to me!!! no one agree when i say im FAT. T T
ohyea! my Ssize shirts agree, my mini skirts agree, my bikini agree, my . . ... .. .etc etc etc etc etc etc etc~ T____________T