Tuesday, July 6, 2010


A weirdo waved at me while I'm on my way home. 
I mean, he walked to me, stand infront of me and waved at me.  And I just give him a 'you're sick' face.

Watched The Back-Up Plan. Goshh, I laughed so much when Lolly(or whatsoever) giving birth. That's... Sick and most of all, PAIN!! WHATTHEFUCK!! 

Thoughts appear everytime when I watch romance movie/ drama like this. There's no more man/woman that will stand by for their love one, no matter what. Well, maybe there's still rare cases like this. But, where to find? Did those kinda human hide themselves in a frigging island nor in the black hole? God, tell me where's that damn place? I don't even mind to actually jump into the black hole to search for true love. By the way, is there any? Blah~

Anyway, Alex O' Loughlin is SHMOKIN'!!  Shhooooo HAWT!!

OMG, looks at that abs.
Make me wanna say, 

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