Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Too Warm

'I need someone to warm me, could you.' Well, this sentence does not apply in Malaysia, FOL.

I remember there's one of my classmate(from my high school), and she sits beside me. She wears her jacket every single day. And she will be telling me that she's freezing, EVERYDAY. I don't know, maybe she is really weak? But it's really weird aight? My class don't have aircond,  and because of her, we cannot on the fan and most of us are sweating like hell. Well, the funniest thing is that, one of the boy that sweats like hell will always ask her whether she wants him to light up fire or not. LOL.

How nice if Malaysia is in Autumn all the year. Not too cold, and not too hot. No one needs air conditioner anymore, and no more global warming. Goshh, I wanna feel the coldness of Genting Highland again, so can you gimme back the beautiful-not-polluted earth? I want fresh air, I want clear sea water, I want warming sunshines, I want those idiots stop killing whales and dolphins!! I don't want bloody sea water.

I hope Malaysia has Summer Holidays, and we could have holidays for the 365 days off (366 for the leap year). Wheee~ xD

Today is the black shirt day, are you wearing black? I'm not, cause I've forgotten. My brain is useless, cannot remember anything.

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