Thursday, July 1, 2010

You're All Grown Up

So gifted but you never appreciate it.
Well, maybe you do, but I don't think so.

You are all grown up,
not an innocent lil' teenage girl anymore.
The time ticking and people keeps moving,
tell me why the hell are you still there?
This moment you might feel free, but think.
You, no more a kid.
Why follow what people say?
Think with your own mind, does it make any sense?
Why still depends on him? 
I thought you have changed, but look...
You proved  NOTHING. 

I don't wanna offend you.
Well, it somehow hurts, but that's the truth.
Think before you act,
Act like how you should be.

After all, you are just the same kind of human like him.
Stop giving excuses. Chances are given all the time.
If it's not, tell me, when's the right time?
Next Summer?!
Well then, you may start hibernate now. =)


suu said...

allah~ tak boleh "like" this post :D if there were a "like" button in blog that would be nice :D

♥ JOANN said...

LOL. So I should have do something with it. Gimme sometime to figure out how to put a 'like' button on. =)

♥ JOANN said...

Okay, I did it. *Wheee!! *