Saturday, August 21, 2010

Howdy (:

Greetings lovelings. I'm back in action. Well, this must be the longest time I haven't been updating my blog. I was having Mock Exam and now it is OVER!!!! Mad happy!! XDDD

  • I broke my very own record. I haven't went to Pavilion or Sg Wang for 2 months, and didn't get the chance to watch the new movies for a month long. It was awful, I know. And the saddest part of all was, I actually didn't leave my house for a week, to study. Well, it's not like I spent my whole time studying at home, I still go FB. But I actually locked myself in the room to avoid anyone or anything distract me. So for that whole week, I've been living my life like an anti-social and somehow I just think that I got that potential. (Note that this is NOT a good thing.) I felt so sorry when I actually rejected whoever who asked me out, and even Suelyn. Aww, I actually miss the California Pizza Kitchen's pasta. T.T
  • Urhmm, I screwed Mocks. So yeah, fuck exams!! I stayed up late every night to study, but eventually, nothing gets into my mind. I don't know why, but I think it's because I stored too many things, and the brain does not has enough memory to fit it others. I need a recycle bin, please delete all those unwanted memories. They still forcibly occupied the brain.
  • But but but!! The happy girl is back in town. I finally get myself to Pavilion today. OMFG, I miss the air of Pavilion and I finally get to eat snowflakes again. Anyway, thanks to Juen Vei who drove us there, Wei May who has been my companion, and Raymond who entertain us. LOL. 
  • I think I finally found my second joker machine. No others, but Raymond. I think he did his job quite well. LOL. But I do still need that @Buttpig. My all time entertainer. (: 
    • I found a crazy woman, who is HYPER all time. But I enjoy a lot when she's with me. I think I will die of bored if you weren't around, Ng Wei May. ♥ 
      • I think I needa go for haircut and dye my hair again. My hair grew 7cm longer since after I dyed it on the January. Is it growing fast? And how should I cut them? Shoulder length? With fringe? Hmmm
      •  College has made up dress code thingy. Dammit. Why can't wear shorts? Even those with knee length? Why can't wear hats? I cannot understand. Puhhh~ =X
      • Now I've started to miss the cinema's aircond and the noisy K room. Whaturff.. Haven't sing K for 2 months already. Sad max. )':
      • Bought knickers from TopShop. 3 for RM49. Too cute, can't resist. :) 
      •  Spotted: Brogues from TopShop. Playsuit, Skinny Jeans, Bag, Belt, Shorts & Jackets from Cotton On. Bags from Charles & Keith. Flats from Vinci. And etc. wtf!!
       Too many pretty things. I can't resist. I needa work.

      P/S: I'm flying to HK during Deepavali. And 2 days before that, I've got AS Business Studies exam. And I'll be off to HK for 4 days 3 nights. Then 2 days after I'm back from HK, I still got Economics paper. And that's my last. Thank god, the exam didn't actually affect my holidays. But the holiday trip did affect my study mood. wtf.


        Wei May said...

        Eh fish u! Im suppose to be damn Fking crazy woman, not only HYPER!!! And you know wats da best?? You're loving me being CRAZY!!! o0o *F XD

        ♥ JOANN said...

        LOL!!! Crazy... xD