Sunday, August 29, 2010

Of Racism

Looks like RACISM is gonna be the HIT topic of the year.

Every Malaysian must have heard of the ONE Malaysia concept, but does it ever make sense after all these happen? How could an educator tell something like that? And how could that politicians think that that is an advice?


“Chinese students are not needed here and can return to China or Foon Yew school. For the Indian students, the prayer string tied around their neck and wrist makes them look like dogs because only dogs are tied like that,” Siti Inshah was quoted as saying in at least one police report.

“What she said has nothing to do with politics or racism. She was just giving advice to the students,” said Datuk Ibrahim Ali.

 Well then, FUCK YOU. That's my sincere advice. :)

We do not need to be told to be united, cause as a Malaysian we should bear in mind that we are all together. To be honest, I do not have very close friends from other ethnic. But I do not have a problem to hang out with them, or even stay with them in the same community. We have our own religious belief, we all come from different cultural backgrounds, and even our ancestors come from different places. Why the older generations could live together peacefully, but not now?

I clearly remember that I was taught to draw the National flag when I was 5. Well, it is really a tad bit hard work for 5years old children to draw a star with 14points?! But I still managed to finish my work, and I remember that I even hold my end product posing nicely and took a picture with it. And why are we taught to draw the flag? For fun? Because the kindergarten teachers are not creative? Why are we taught to understand the composition of the flag? Because the teachers got nothing better to do? NO!! That's because the educators do want us to know the importance of being patriotic. We heard of how people fight for independence, we heard of how they sacrificed. We know how much the elders suffered. We could see them live peacefully together. But why everything changed?

The incident of that bloody full Principal asking the Chinese students to go back to China did not surprised me. Because the same incident actually happened in the Parliament on the 2008 (if I'm not mistaken). Loss of the wrong words? You will never tell something like this if you never ever thought of it. Then again insulted the Indians, relating their religious belief to dogs? I could not believe that someone who sits on the principal chair would have tell something like this.She has a huge responsibility to educate them, but she could not even restrain her racist impulses?

For my merdeka wish, I wish all the people can live together peacefully. Stop all those immature acts creating Facebook pages to anti or even support her. It's not a bad thing to support, but is that the main purpose of why the admin create that page? For me, it doesn't seems like it is. Because YOU arouse the anger of all people. YOU and those who joined use that page to insult other races. We are all Malaysian, if there's no more Indian and Chinese, this piece of land is gonna be a damn jungle no more Malaysia.

No matter what, I still like my Malay and Indian friends. Cause they should not be boycott..

I LOVE MALAYSIA, even the weather is friggin' hot.
I LOVE MALAYSIA, even we do not have summer holidays?!
I LOVE MALAYSIA, even this place do not snow.
I LOVE MALAYSIA, because we are a multiracial country.
I LOVE MALAYSIA, for the culture of each ethnic.
I LOVE MALAYSIA, even I'm not the dominant group and we do not have special rights?!
I LOVE MALAYSIA, because I'm born as Malaysian.
I LOVE MALAYSIA, because this is where I WE belong.

Last but not least, I love this land, please bring back the peace and harmony.