Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Because I'm NOT Happy Like That

This is a really small thing, but when you spread it to the whole family and you actually know nothing, I couldn't say, 'No, it's alright. I don't mind.' Cause I mind!!!

I hate it when people take privacy like nothing. Well I don't mind if you use my lappie without my permission, FINE. But I couldn't stand it when you read the messages and you did not at least inform me that you actually did. Do guessing with your own wish and then simply spread it among the family? Well, I'm glad that my family is happy if I have a boyfriend. BUT, the thing is, he IS NOT that kinda boyfriend that you thought he is.

When I said he is not, then it means NOT. So don't make me repeat it again and again.

And stop giving excuses that you didn't click into the message. What is the problem he calls me 'dear'? You got a problem with that? Damn you!!!!

Since I already brought up an issue like this, I should really tell the whole world about what I hate.

I hate people look into my bag without my permission.
Trying to stalk what I bought and wanna know what's in my bag. I will show if I want to. But at least, ask for my permission!!!!

I hate people look into my luggage and ask what I brought and what I bought.
I packed everything and then they open my bag and see what I'm gonna bring? WTH is wrong with you?!! What is it to do with you?
And can't wait to know what I brought back? I will show it when I unpack everything.

I hate people who keep asking me why don't I have a boyfriend.
You think you can just get a boyfriend whenever you wish for? How I know why I don't have? Ask God!!!!

I am damn tulan and I can't think of anything anymore. I'm off to bed.
Last but not least, stop acting innocent. I just couldn't stop my anger when you keep telling you did not do it. You're the one who do it and spread it. You think it make sense acting innocent? Fuck you.


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