Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Know You Miss Me

So the happy me is back to blog. Wheeeee~ *HYPER MODE*

  • I got one month break and it is actually a study break. And now, I left 25 days only, but I haven't touch my books. OMFGWTFBBQ, am so gonna fail.
  • Finally, after 5 months I get my L license, I force myself to go for the driving lesson. Cause if I don't the L license will expired and I need to pay extra. So yeahhh, this Sunday will be the last lesson, and the actual driving exam will be on this coming Monday. OMGWTFBBQ (x2). I hope I don't fail. I will pray really hard.
  • The gathering with the former Froggies' (LOL) is so successful, and I am super happy with it. Except for I didn't have enough sleep the day before it. I will update about it soon. Stay tuned. ;)
  • Life is prettyyyyy.........miserable. I was high at this moment and then something will knock me down, tell me, WHATAYA WANT FROM ME?!
  • I am going to buy the Liese Bubble Dye, I wanna dye my hair. :D
  • I can't wait for tomorrow, because I am going to Genting with the awesome people. I am so happy, WHEEEEEE~ XD

Will update soon.
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