Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mua Sunshines♥


Finally we have our gathering, a successful one. Thank God. ♥
Being an organizer for an event is really hard tho, everyone ask everything again and again. So you gotta repeat it again and again. And as for me, everyone knows that I'm an impatient girl, but nothing stop them to kindled my anger. LOL. But after all, I am really happy with it. 090910, this must be the most memorable day of mine for the year of 2010. 

Some people makes me happy for being so decisive. :) 
And thanks to some of them who were still being so hesitant till the last minute for arouse my wrinkles. You know who you are. :(

Never once thought that there will be 20 people who join us on that day. Really out of my expectations. I only expect 8-12 people who will be appearing. But, GOSHH!!! All of you who appear that day, you guys really made my day. Kisses and hugs.

Went to Pavilion for Ksession. :D

The most epic moment and most idiotic act I ever did in the K room at that time was, there's two switch next to the small screen. Then Lylia ask me what is that, I tell her I don't know and I can't stop my itchy hand to not play with it. At first, I switch of one of it, then I see nothing happens. So, I switch it on and switch off another one. Nothing happened again, so I switch it on and next.... I put my fingers on the both switches and then I switch off the both of it. Poooff!!! No music, no lights and everything. Everyone was like, 'Oii!! What the hell?' I got so panic then we press on the service button. By the time the waiter come in, it on back again. EPIC!!!

The happiest moment suppose to be the moment all of us singalong together. But as for Boon Aun a.k.a. the Penguin, the happiest moment must be the nom nom time. LOL. 

Nonstop EATING!!!

Believe it or not? ALL BA's. xD
Then he end up lying on the sofa. LOL
The stupid couple. xD
The mama and son. :D
And there must be people who feels weird, why is that Leslie there.
I got no idea also, I think he tersesat. 

Cute Taiko. :D
From left: Lylia, Kenny, Yours trully, BA, Zhen-Whei, Eugene
Stupid Kambing thumb. LOL
I got no idea why that Penguin smile like a pervert. LOL
We were laughing about something lame, but I couldn't remember. xD
Ohh, I like the ring. <3
Kambing faces. LOL
BA, acting cute. :D
From left: GuoWei,Eugene, Mea, Leslie, Zhen-Whei, Boon Aun, Kok An, JJ, Kenny
From left: Seon Cin, Celine, Shyshy, Caryn, ME!!, Lylia, KiaYing :D
The Groupies :'D
Kia Ying & Taiko :)
The stupid couple again :D
ZiLin & Evonne
Me & Lylia =3
The girls and I ♥
Leslie poyo. xD
Kia Ying the pwetty  =3
With the  camera-shy guys. Puhh.. xD
Me, Mea, Leslie and Chun Hong
Ohh, introducing the newbie in our group, Chun Hong.
Peng Peng's apple boy. :)

Lover dovey ♥
Zhen-Whei and I. :)
The kambing and I . x)
ZiLin and I :D
The Besties  ♥
Kenny and Zhen-Whei
Leslie with stupid pose. And spot Zhen-Whei with the cute face. Haha!!
Peng Peng and I ;)

Lastly, presenting you mua stupid face. LOL.

Omg, small eyes. :(

You know you love me,
and you know I love you. 

XOXO, Joann ♥ 

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Wei May said...

didnt even know u can sing wei babe.. sing me a love song!!! XD