Thursday, September 2, 2010

Of Guys and Girls

Well thank God its FRIDAY!!!! But why gift me insomnia? Can take back? :'(

Its 5am and I am still awake, every single things haunt me, memories are of you. I thought I had let you down, but it haunts me again and again. DAMMIT

I have got some inspiration after having long chat with a not-so-close-boy-friend of mine. He is somewhere from Sarawak or Sabah (where is Sandakan actually located?)? Was chatting with him last two days and he told me things of what he thinks about KL girls.

There are conditions for girls here when come to choose BOYFRIEND
  • Good looking. The better looking is the best.
What the hell?! Well, is there anything wrong for girls having desire to get a good looking boyfriend? Maybe not someone like Min Ho, but average. Cannot? Is that a sin? Dammit
  • RICH. The wealthier is better. The boyfriend must be wealthy, even his appearance is lower than average or even fail max and looks like Pat Liong Kam.
Whaturff? Who says?! (And from his information, these 'conditions' are the advices he got from the KL boys. Screw you!!!) Apparently, for all the boys around the world, they think girls are realistic and materialistic.

What I actually wanna say is, STOP judging girls by saying we are realistic and materialistic. Come on, think of it deeply. Guys have always asking for good looking, hot, sexy and cute girls. In contrast, why is that so wrong for a girl for asking a good looking boyfriend?

Guys want gorgeous girlfriend, why can't girls want handsome boyfriend?

For the rich boyfriend part, I can't deny that most of the girls (or maybe only me) thought so. But not like very rich type. But at least average. Guys won't mind for having a not-so-rich girlfriend because guys pay most of the bill, isn't it? It's not like girls can't live without LV or Gucci. That's just what we dream for. Just like guys dream for having exotic cars. Right?!

Goshh, stop sexcist!! LOL

Damn, I'm getting excited blogging. Its already 5.30am.

 Lastly, for the RACIST!!!


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