Monday, September 27, 2010

Test My Patience

and this is what you will end up to.

When someone living in the city and telling the world that they are lifeless, that is totally acceptable because they were too busy before and when everything has been settle down they find no fun and no stress and they will try their very best to find something else to do. And somehow, that is a good thing for those people being lifeless, cause that means CHILLAX. :)

But when people living in a small town or even faraway from that, in a village, living life too meaningless, that is totally not a good sign.
Gossiping in the market might be your only entertainment. But putting your happiness upon the sufferings of others, is that the only thing you can ever do? And what?! Talking about people living in the town doesn't make you any greater so you need to talk bad about the people living in the city?

Well, congratulations. You have just destroy the last and only respect I have for you. If you can't do the right thing, I can't respect you.

Mind that in your tiny brain that, since the day your dear son does not admit us as his relatives, you guys will never be one ANYMORE. I respected you even I know you talk bad about our family, and defame my family members? You thought you just gain yourself some respect for doing the right thing and finally managed to turn their backs to us? Ohh, pity you. Look what you have done and do you really know what they think about you? You are nothing but just a lifeless loser. :)

My mom has her job to do and she does not have anytime to waste on people like you. And please, our family do not do things or say things behind others back, unlike you. Apparently you really got nothing to do but just gossip about everyone in that small town and even us. So please, I beg you, go find something meaningful to do and spend your time with your family. And knowing that you already have a grandson?! Nothing much, but congratulations. Well, I know I should have tell this by your face. Cause you don't live life with hi-techs and internets so might not see this, but its alright. At least I know I congratulated you and so do my readers. :)  And could you even remember when was the last time we saw each other? Ohh, you were boasting about how great is your daughter on others wedding. And that makes you a lil higher and yet quite irritating.

As an elder person, you do not forgive and forget what had happen, but keep bringing up new problems. So I don't think it is right for me to forgive and still pay my respect to you. I believed about 'let past be past'. But you're the one who make me into someone like this. I was that young and rebellious girl, but I might still try my best not to hate you because I still take you and your family as my relatives.
Remember that whatever happen next, when I never ever help even if you begged me, that is because you are the one who deadlock it.

I will do whatever to protect my family, I made my promise and that's all I could tell.

Didn't I ever tell you that karma is a bitch? 


ken said...

patience is virtue =)

Anonymous said...

hi dropping by...

♥ JOANN said...

ken- true, but when it reached one's limit. enough is enough :)

philipge-hi :)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

its really annoying to have relatives who only like to talk bad behind others back. and also who like to find other people's fault. makes u tired that u have to be careful in what u do when the thing is u or ur family never ever intended to do whatever wrong thing they claimed u did.
ah, sorry, got carried away after reading ur post.

be strong! ;)

ErikaToh said...

I agree with Ken, patience is virtue~ xD

♥ JOANN said...

danial- so i bet u experienced wat i'm experiencing all tis years. wat else i could say, but just... HI-5!! lol

erika- thanks for dropping by. i do agree tat patience is virtue, and somehow i also believe in karma. haha :D