Saturday, October 9, 2010


I only left 22 hours to study, but I just couldn't help myself to swim in the sea of books and keep looking at my laptop. I keep giving excuses like, please, I just needed to harvest my fruits then I will go study. But no, not happening.

Brain oh brain, tell me what happen to you? What makes you so lazy like this? I love you soooooooooo effing much and I really do. So could you please sacrifice that one month for me and get in touch with those books? I know you hate them, and so do I. But could you at least try to fall for those law shits for a week? Ohh no, not even a week. Just five days and you can really get rid of it, if you don't fail it. Please, I beg you. You just needa tolerate with me for a month and then I will set you free. Only a month, isn't it really short? Try to look back at the moment when you are totally free of books and all you see is everything you love. That's a fantasy and I will send you back to that moment if you cooperate with me. Think again, I never torture you, right? So please... Just do this for me, its only once a year. Isn't that a free and easy job? So why are you missing those korean dramas but not books? :'(

And when I was typing all these to my brain, I think the brain will be so fucked up and saying:
'So why don't you off the effing laptop and move your arse, sit still and study?' LOL

Fine, I must be really be productive before the next 101010 10:10 come.


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