Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Genting-Fresh Air-Sleepless Night

The best thing when you're on the hill top is that you can breath in fresh air and nice weather makes everything so right. But when you got sleepless night and all the disturbance from the over excited people, the following day of the trip...... Sucks max!!! And the story goes on...

Slacking around before the movie starts. And look!! Lim has lollipop with him

EIGHT in a room!!!
BBQ Steamboat for Dinner. The beef is the best.

 Kenny and Caryn :)
Punishment: Sushi + Wasabi
Taiko!!! Who comes with the sushi idea. =/

Told you I don't know how to bluff. So I lose in the game. Babi =X

Kenny = Poser
The one who sleeps the most and yet still complain that she don't have enough sleep.
And we call the night off after the games. But still, I can't get into sleep because Beh was so sexcited to sleep on the same bed with Ken. And so unfortunately I'm the one who sleep on the same bed with them. I just couldn't get into sleep until 6 in the morning. Like wtf, and they wake up at 7!!! Eventually I get to sleep for an hour only. And I was so emo+ sleepy the whole morning till we enter the theme park.
Told ya, he can pose with anything...
Spot me!!! LOL
 And yeahhh, cockscrew for the first game to stay me awake. I turned up super energytic after that one turn. LOL

 The both camera whore!!! LOL. They are in almost the pictures.
Going to the Sungai Rejang

Waiting~ :)

Lol. Kenny and I, mati-mati nak pose. xD
Wasn't prepared, and... Yes, Ken. All set up. xD
Lining up for the solero shot. LOL
Taiko and the unknowns. PEACE!! xD
Poyo Lim. =P
Mehhh... x)
Taiko and the girls :)
Ken: 'Assignment sucks lahh!!!'
Lim: 'OII!!'
Regina: 'Kenny... Don't!!!'
Ken: 'Thanks for saving*shed tears*' LOL
Taiko's xiao mei mei. LOL

Babi Kenny and Eugene keep pulling my swing :(

Me want strawberry!!!!

But overall, it was a good trip. And I simply love them no matter what. I miss you guys. :)

Loves <3

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