Saturday, October 16, 2010

How The Hell Lizards Crawl on Ceiling?

This is a very unuseful post (never once useful I know) and random post. And what makes me to have the intention to do this? Lizard. WTF.

I hate lizards, as much as I hate birds!! I just couldn't let myself to be calm whenever I see that two awful creature!! WTF(x2). Especially when I see lizard in my room or bathroom, its like wth?! Go to the living room, the space is much bigger than here. Go play with that pathetic electric saw (I actually mean fan) and don't crawl into my room!!!

Owhh, and there's once I was bathing, I saw a lizard on the wall and I was so panic, although I know it couldn't harm me. But dammit!! Why the hell is it in the bathroom?! It's not like they bath!!! So I grab the hose and attack it with water. And I found out that its so silly cause lizard are not afraid of water. It would be so much better if its a cockroach then I won't even bother to let it stay there. WTF(x3) After that realizing that the lizard just wouldn't move and I can't be any comfortable to continue my shower, but so epic cause I still have shampoo on my hair. I ran to my mum's bathroom. FML.

And what scares me most is that why the hell lizards must shed their bloody tail to like protect themselves?! Well, I know it will grow back. But, why they never heard of the first is the best?! Just let the tail be and don't even bloody shed them when you're effing terrified!!! Cause at the end, you scare me!!! WTF(x4)

OMG, I think I'm going insane if I ever continue having this lizard talk.

Last questions: Why isn't there any lizard when I move into a new house and suddenly they appear two three years after?! Who the hell bring them into my house and why must stay in others' house? Go build your own house and get your own life. At least the birds don't stay in my house and get into my bathroom!!! They can build their own nest so why can't lizards? But even worse, cause they fly. WTF (x5)


Doris Lai said...

Oh.. i also have experience with lizard. It went into my bags. Guess what.. after it crawl it out at my shoulder when I'm walking. WTH!!! quickly i jump like mad women on the street.

Hilda Milda™ said...

I once touched a dead lizard when I was holding a vacuum cleaner handle, it was sticking there ugh and euwwww I hate that feeling!

♥ JOANN said...

Doris: OMG, I would really scream my lungs off weihh!! That's so... Ughhh!!! :(

Hilda: I stunned for awhile after reading your comment. Its like... I will ki siao if that happen to me. Ewwww~!!!