Saturday, October 23, 2010

If Only Octopus Will Drown In The Soup

Went to Lot10 for lunch at Shabu One with Cammy, Jia Min and Veron after the last week. Wow, I just couldn't recall when was the last time I hang out with the college peeps since after I skipped classes so often *slaps self*. I think I have finally tried to let myself enjoy college life, and that's after 10 months of the campus life. Wtf. Well, its not that I dislike my college friends but I'm still quite not used to the college life and because I'm so not friendly like the others, I only stick around with my old friends and those who I get closed to since the first month of my college life.

Shabu One is a nice place to chill,cause you just needa pay 20++  then you can sit whole day, eat whatever you can and don't need to worry that you will sweat for eating steamboat. :)

Had great time chatting and gossiping with the girls. And I can't wait to finish the exam now so that we can all hang out together again <3

Then went to Pavilion with the love, Wei May, on the Wednesday to watch The Child's Eye. And I finally found someone who would accompany to watch horrors. But she was kinda terrified, but she wanted to watch it because she thought that it would be nice then she never thought that she will be scared til we bought the ticket. LOL. Then we hang around the Pavilion since we still have long time before the movie start. I bought a top from Cotton On which cost me RM14.50 only. Then 2 rings from Forever 21 which cost me RM40,fml more expensive than the top I bought. :(

Spotted a special ring which is quite worth to be collection, but I didn't buy it cause I might be broke if I don't control myself.

This is it, an owl ring.
If you know me well, you would know that I really dislike birds, but this is so nice. I will buy it if I see it again when I go to Forever 21 again. I WILL BUY YOU IF WE GOT FATE!!!!! XD

Then we spend almost an hour in Forever 21 and then we went to have lunch at Ichiban Boshi. :)

I think she's kinda hungry. LOL

My undaon!!! <3

Her black pepper chicken don.

Showing off new ring ;P

Wei May's new ring :D

We were super full but since that day was a Wednesday and its BR Pink Day, Wei May insist to get a BR before the movie. And I didn't get myself BR cause I wanna leave some space for my Chatime ;)


Sorry Ayumi. LOL

If you scared the BR seat at Pavilion cannot afford your weight,  look at the guy behind me first.
 I'm sorry la, I'm mean. But if it doesn't matter when he sits on it, it wouldn't be a matter for you skinny bitch. :P


Watched Dinner For Schmucks with the cousin last 2 week. And that show was super hillarious. LOL.

The Child's Eye rating: 2/5

For me, it is not scary. Rainie Yang's acting is really good, Shawn Yu is as hot as usual, LOL. The only thing that makes me feel very disgusting is... (OMG, SPOILER!!LOL!!) The hotel owner's son. If I were the woman in the movie, I won't kill the baby, but I will kill myself. wth weihh!!!

Anyway, Business Stuides next. I really wanna know what I studied all the while. Babiness =X

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