Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Laziness is in my DNA

I am lazy to study, lazy to talk and even lazy to play. Whaturfff... I think there must be some dark forces injected those lazy DNA into me. If it's not, explain to me why aren't my family members as lazy as me? FML max.

I used to tweet a lot, but now I don't even bother to tweet. I wanted to go for jogging but I am damn lazy and that leads to fattiness. The exam is so freaking near and I still not willing to study. I kinda prepared to go for more classes after this exam, because I know I will fail all the subjects. Whaturfff!!!!
I am worry of everything. And of all, I am worry that I am not worry for exam. FML again!!!

Even if I did study, when I put one chapter away and wanted to start reading another, I realized I still don't understand the previous chapter.

'I hope life isn't a big joke, cause I don't get it.' - Jack Handey

  • I've got my P license. 
  • Instead of studying, I have finally re-watched Gossip Girl Season1-3. And other dramas. WTF.
  • Watched Eat Pray Love with Wei May. <3
  • Celebrated Ken's birthday with all the loves. <3
  • Still haven't finish my studies. And I kinda know what will happen next. Life is suicidal if I continue being sucha failure like this.

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