Monday, October 11, 2010


Hello PEEPOS!!! ;)
Gah, phailed!! But me likey. :)

First of all, I gotta confess to whoever that has put very high hope on me. I think I just fail you again, cause I am so uninspired and somehow even I feel sick when I look at myself. *Puke!!* Just kidding, lol. Notfunny But I do really feel sorry for my attitude and... laziness. 

SORRY to those who has been so sick with me for not replying messages. My phone ran out of credit and I lazy to top up. To those who find me on msn/ fb chat/ skype/ whatsoeveryoucanchatthingy, I never replied unless necessary and I'm just lazy. 

I had finally chop off my waist-length hair, not really short but yes quite short (for me). And finally re-dyed my hair using the new Liese Bubble Dye thingy. The outcome is really good, but I just gotta say that the smell is... Urghh!!! Talking of my hair, I miss my hair. The cut off parts :"(

Where'd you go? I miss you sooooo :(

There's this one day, I play with my hair curler, and I accidentally scalded myself on the neck, and it wasn't really pain if I don't touch it. So I never take care of it and I actually forgotten about the scalded thingy. Then my mum discovered the scalded mark after some time and she was shocked and questioned me of what happened and how I get that. So I tell her how clumsy I am, and then I questioned her what she thought it is. 

Guess what?! She thought that it was a love bite. My mum.... LOL.
It wasn't so obvious but my mum *laughs* she must be imaginative. 

Ohh!!! And did I ever mention that I have finally get myself a new toy?!
Aiyaaa, G-11 is really la.. Hahaha

Aiyeeeerr!! Why you so pwetty one? :D
 I have this major problem whenever I've made up my mind to buy something for myself. The thing just go out of stock and that somehow pissed me off. Especially when it comes to the time I wanted to buy shoes. They just don't have my size or sold out. Like wth, I has giant foot which usually normal girls won't have, and how could it be that the size-9  for a pair of shoes will be sold out in a short period? Who are you and why must you buy the shoes I like?! Go get something else cannot?! *cries!!!* Leaving all those not-pretty colors for me, that's so unfair!!! *cries loudly!!!*

And there's this one thing I really wanna share. I think every girls would have think the same, or maybe only me again? fml. You would really wanna buy new clothes before you go for a vacation and also knowing that you could get new clothes when you visit that place. I think that I must be haunt by vanity. Bugger, *slaps self*!!! Does anyone of you has the same thinking as I do? Response to me so that I won't looks like a total... loser?!

There's still loads to update. And I will come out with the month ago Genting trip first. 

Stay tuned.

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